Train the mind
with the first applied philosophy that combines wellness and neuroscience

Did you know that the brain improves or regresses depending on how much you keep it active?

Rediscover ancient contemplative techniques and prepare your brain to reach a new level of awareness: you can follow NU Relax™ meditation sessions at home, in the office and in the best spas.

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Download the App
and relax, wherever you are

There is never a wrong time to exercise your mind:
you just need a smartphone.

The NU RELAXTM App offers 6 audio guided sessions with the main relaxation and focusing techniques: all of its content is based on scientific protocols.

Discover the 6 sessions of meditation,
based on a neuroscientific approach


Lowering your stress levels helps you to sleep and reduces the effects of jet-lag


Reach a calm state that allows you to focus more clearly


Psycho-emotional balance improves concentration


You will feel more alert and able to perform tasks


Increases the ability to create new connections between ideas and solutions


Has positive effects on mental agility and decision making

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The absence of gravity
promotes meditation

Do you want an even more complete relaxation experience?

Listen to the sessions on the NU RELAXTM App while lying on ZEROBODY™, the brand new bed that offers a floating experience. Floating in zero gravity, body weight is eliminated and the effect of the meditation is amplified.

With the ZEROBODYTM bed, you can immerse yourself without getting wet

ZEROBODYTM offers you the benefits of immersion tanks, but without the inconvenience of having to get wet.

Allow yourself to be enveloped by the heated water bed: you will feel as if you are suspended in the air, as if floating on a cloud.

we design and create
spas and wellness centres

Wellbeing is a psycho-physical condition based on the balance between the body and the mind.

At Starpool we have always been convinced of this, but with NU RELAXTM we have taken it further: together with the Neocogita research centre we have created this new approach that will redefine the concept of wellness.

The NU RELAXTM App is standard on every ZEROBODYTM bed: try them both at Starpool spas.

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